Astoria Spa & Resorts, Bohol



Set to open on the first quarter of 2008 is Astoria Spa & Resort in the beautiful province in Bohol. Nestled along the pristine white sand shores of historic Baclayon town, the resort will initially have six very spacious rooms (averaging about 70 sq.m.), each with an unobstructed view of the ocean.

Designed by Architect Ed Gallego and renowned hotel interior designers Ivy & Cynthia Almario, each guest room will have a kitchenette, toilet & bath and a bathtub that has commanding view of the resorts lush flora. Complementing the luxurious furniture & unique interior design are floor to ceiling glass walls that open to reveal Bohol’s unspoiled blue ocean that is comparable to the world’s best beaches. Described as Filipino-Asian modern architecture, Astoria Spa & Resort is destined to become Bohol’s newest attraction. Clinching the guests’ ultimate vacation will be meticulously selected menu which will offer Filipino & International cuisine reinterpreted with, local flavors to give a unique & truly savory experience!

Astoria Spa & Resort’s main goal is to provide the best vacation ever to those who will enter its premises. Hence, the resort will also have great activities exclusively arranged only for its guests for a truly memorable experience, among these are: a boat ride to the great Laoay river with local musicians playing traditional tadyani music; a cultural tour to a church & lighthouse that have been there since16th century; a visit to a forest sanctuary where you will find the world’s smallest primate - - tarsier which is endemic only to Bohol, a stop in colonial Spanish homes cum museums a peek into the “endangered” industry of raffia & “heritage” jewelry making. If you seek more than land adventure, the resort can arrange water activities for your enjoyment like: scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, island hopping and the like. If the season is right, dolphin & whale watching may be arranged.

It goes without saying that Club Astoria members will be ale to enjoy this gem of a hotel. And we assure you that on your check-out day, you would want to stay for another day, and another day, and another day….


Astoria Marina & Resorts, Subic

After more than a decade since it was left by the Americans, Subic continues to lure people like bees to honey. It is a place where people get to indulge in shopping, land & sea adventure, rest & recreation, history tripping, entertainment, eco-tourism, business and so many “what have yous”. There is a lot of things t do in this place which was once the largest American Military base in the Pacific. It certainly is one destination with countless possibilities.

Yet, another attraction is coming up in Subic come 2008, the beautiful Astoria Marina Resort. Touted to be the one of the most beautiful resorts in Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), Astoria Marina Resort will have 40 rooms which is a mix of studio units, 1-bedroom suites and 2-bedroom suites. All rooms will have a kitchenette, wide beds and spacious bathrooms. Once again, Astoria Marina Resort’s design is a brilliant collaboration between Architect Ed Gallego, interior design geniuses Ivy &Cynthia Almario and Astoria Marina Resort’s VP for operations Vivian Ng. the rooms will show a clever twist to a seemingly traditional Mediterranean theme with uncluttered space and furnished to withstand the rigors of use over time.


The resort will have a Pavilion which will serve as the resort’s main hub, where all points of interests will emanate from. It will be complimented by an exceptionally designed swimming pool that will traverse the central area of the property with the guestrooms located in the peripheral area. The hotel will also have a Café for all-day dining. Function rooms will be in place for the banquet requirements of clients while the business center will service the needs of business travelers. Even though the resort will have a fully functional gym, it will also offer its guests other activities that have made Subic famous, such as: swimming on the beach, visit Ocean Adventure, water sports, eco-adventure, Duty Free shopping, gaming and a trip to Zoobic Safari.

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